Las Vegas is synonymous with bright lights, large and spectacular casinos, and extravagant hotels. Therefore, tourists expect their trip to Nevada’s most famous city to be unforgettable. 

However, all that extravagance fades away once you scratch the surface. Not every hotel is worth your investment, and if you don’t do thorough research, your highly anticipated dream trip might turn into a nightmare. 

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Top 10 Worst Hotels in Las Vegas

If you are wondering where not to stay in Las Vegas, we’ve got your back. We have combed through numerous Google, Reddit, and Yelp reviews and composed a list of hotels you should avoid. 

1. Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

A simple Google search reveals a lot of negative reviews about Circus Circus Hotel, and you’ll quickly see why it has earned a reputation as the worst Vegas hotel. Guests have expressed dissatisfaction with many things, ranging from the distance from the hustle and bustle of the Strip to the old CRT televisions in some rooms. 

Moreover, some visitors were horrified by bed bugs, trash in the hallways, dirty towels and sheets, and even roach infestations. Some even said that it reminded them of a 1970s horror movie. Meanwhile, people who came to Sin City to play disliked that the hotel was full of families and kids.  

2. The Strat (Stratosphere), Hotel, Casino, & Tower

Watching the city’s panorama while enjoying a drink or dinner at the SkyPod at The Strat Hotel may sound appealing. The casino offers a decent gaming experience as well. However, don’t bother spending your funds on anything else. 

Even though the hotel charges around $300 per night, some guests have complained of being unpleasantly surprised by insect bites, smoke-filled rooms, poor staff service, and broken air conditioning. Another issue guests have encountered was long check-in, and sometimes, despite an upfront reservation, you might be left in the lurch. 

The Strat (Stratosphere), Las Vegas

3. Siegel Suites — Tropicana

There’s no doubt Siegel Suits is one of the worst hotels in Las Vegas. The internet is overflowing with negative reviews, pointing out that the hotel is full of roaches and bed bugs. It has been reported that the air conditioning often doesn’t work, and the customer service is terrible. Some have also complained about dirty elevators, rooms, hallways, and broken bathroom equipment.  

4. On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel

Bed bugs are one of the main issues with the On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel. The guests have complained of being bitten after spending a night there. Meanwhile, dirty rooms and staff behavior only add to the negative picture of this place. 

Despite the hotel’s excellent location, only 3.6 miles from the Strip, the Vegas Boulevard Hotel can only dream of being the best-ranked hotel.  

5. Travelodge

When discussing Vegas’ worst hotels, it is inevitable to mention Travelodge by Wyndham. It’s another hotspot with a fantastic location just 1.8 miles from the Strip. However, it has a terrible reputation and falls short in many aspects. Visitors were greeted by dirty bathrooms and furniture, stained sheets, and plumbing issues. For this reason, you’ll see many reviews telling you to avoid this place like the plague. 

6. Luxor Hotel and Casino

Luxor is also among the worst Vegas Strip Hotels. Named after the famous Egyptian city, this hotel may first captivate you with its giant pyramid exterior. However, this is where the allure ends. Staying at Luxor isn’t exciting at all due to dark, moldy, noisy, and overpriced rooms. 

There are reports of guests complaining about the lack of necessary amenities, such as hot water and air conditioning, which are a must in every modern hotel room. Some have also noticed a need for more maintenance throughout the hotel, although it is only three decades old. Finally, hotel elevators are diagonal, causing confusion and constant noise. 

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

7. Flamingo Hotel and Casino

A perfect Strip location cannot obscure Flamingo’s terrible reputation as one of Las Vegas’ worst hotels. Some guests have described it as a sleazy motel with plumbing issues, peeling paint, and dirty walls. Others have reported being annoyed by the overall hygiene and long check-in process. Add to that a noisy neighborhood that makes it difficult to sleep, and you have one more hotel on the blacklist. 

8. Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Excalibur is one of the largest and most recognizable hotels in the world. It is known for its medieval King Arthur and the Holy Grail theme. However, its reputation is far from positive, as evidenced by numerous reviews online mentioning worn-out furniture in most rooms. 

Guests were dismayed by clogged toilets, messy rooms, and loud air conditioners. Visitors also reported poor service, rude employees, and even the hotel staff stealing their belongings.

9. Westgate Resort & Casino

Westgate Resort & Casino has gone by several names since it opened in 1969. Despite this, it has remained a notoriously bad hotel in Vegas. Manyvisitors have complained about torn or stained furniture, poor room insulation, unresponsive staff, lack of cleanliness, and late-night parties.  

Another common criticism is Westgate’s location. here are no quality restaurants and diners nearby, and it is pretty far from the city’s attractions. 

10. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most prominent landmarks of Sin City, located on the Strip. It’s not the worst Las Vegas hotel, but it ended up on our list due to some negative reviews. Common complaints mention unsanitary rooms, damaged furniture, and an inability to use some of the hotel’s services due to its size. 


When planning a visit to Sin City, it is mandatory to research the hotel you plan to stay at; otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and resources. Las Vegas has some of the most magnificent places to stay, so all you need to do is set a budget and check out what’s available. You can even contact the hotel beforehand to make sure there are no hidden charges. Whatever you do, make sure to steer clear of our list of the worst hotels. 


What are the worst hotels in Las Vegas?

Sin City has plenty of bad hotels, but the top three are Circus Circus, Stratosphere, and Tropicana. 

What Las Vegas hotels have bed bugs?

People have complained of being bitten by bed bugs while staying at Circus Circus, Siegel Suits, On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel, and many others. 

What do visitors mostly complain about Las Vegas hotels?

Most guests rated Las Vegas hotels poorly because of bed bugs, roach infestations, poor staff service, old furniture, and hygiene issues. 

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