Wondering if there is any Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonus out there to play?

Sweepstakes casino is becoming popular nowadays on the Internet and maybe you are hesitating to join because you have no idea where to find sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus games online. By continuing to read this article, you will be guided with the basic things you need to know like sweeps coins casino, how to get a chance to win real money using sweeps coins, and a suggested list of sweepstakes casino games online that will not ask any amount of deposit before you can play the game.


Note that there are sweepstakes casinos that do not require deposit money. This bonus can be claimed after signing up as a new player. Here are the top 5 of the best sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus list:

Top 5 Best Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonus List

1.    Fortune Coins

Number one on the list of sweepstakes casino game that has no deposit is the Fortune Coins. The platform is legal to use in most states in the US, it is easy to use, and most reviews comment that Fortune Coins is generous with the rewards and bonuses. New players who register get the chance to win a bonus of 140,000 gold coins and up to 500 fortune coins. Earn additional rewards by referral, linking your Facebook, and also take advantage of daily sign-in bonuses. The library of games ranges from slots, blackjack, roulette, fish games, etc. Note that the fortune coins to be used in this game is the same as sweeps coins, you can also win and redeem real money when you cash out winnings.

2.    Pulsz Casino

Pulsz casino offers a variety of fantastic 300-plus games which includes: slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker. Playing this amazing game allows you to win a possible cash prize for real. But most especially for starters, it will not require you to deposit cash; you can play the games for free.  Redeem the bonus code upon registration and you will receive free sweeps coins and gold coins too. Another way of earning sweeps and gold coins could be claimed by referring a friend to join the game. Skrill and Trustly are some of the payment options used by the players of the platform.

3.    Gambino Slots

Another popular social casino game online is the Gambino slots. It has a variety of amazing slots you can play. Also, new players get the benefit of redeeming a welcome sign-up bonus that enables you to access your favorite online casino games and free 200 spins without even depositing cash. The virtual currency used in Gambino slots is called G-coins (like the sweeps coins). You can earn more by logging in every day and claiming the daily bonus when you spin the wheel. Free coins up to 100,000 will be given to those players who link the game to their Facebook accounts.

4.    Chumba casino

Chumba is one of the pioneers of online casino-style games in the US. It offers 80-100 fun and exciting games to choose from: slots, roulette, table games, jackpots, blackjack, video poker, etc. No deposit is required for you to claim the welcome bonus when you sign up for the first time. Playing this game let you win free credits daily but, for getting access to other cash games, feel free to purchase gold coins using payment options like Skrill, Neteller, VISA debit, or credit cards. Remember that the minimum amount for withdrawal should be 50 sweeps coins; otherwise you would not be able to redeem your payout for winnings.

5.    Funzpoints Casino

Funzpoints incorporates table games and keno in their array of casino games online. It is

one of the most top-rated social casino online games due to its higher return to player

(RTP) payouts. Remember to log in every day after you signed up successfully so you can take the benefit of free spin when you play the Funzwheel. You can win funzpoints (equivalent to sweeps coins) that can be turned into real cash rewards. Play funzpoints in 2 modes: standard or premium. The standard contains ads and has limited access to some games. By choosing to play the standard mode, you do not have to buy gold coins in order to play the online casino games plus, you get a chance to win a real cash prize if you try the jackpot draws daily. Meanwhile, playing Funzpoints in premium mode allows you to enjoy all the online games without the advertisements and your winnings would be paid using real money.

What are sweeps coins?

Sweeps coins are a virtual currency used to play online sweepstakes games that can be redeemed for real money. Aside from the sweeps coins you earn after signing up as a welcome bonus, you can earn more sweeps coins by purchasing gold coins, logging in daily to collect sweeps coins rewards, and you can also request more via email.

How to redeem sweeps coins?

You can claim 50 sweeps coins at a minimum by clicking on the ‘Redeem’ button through the lobby of the game you’re playing. Most of the time, you will be asked to upload a document or valid identification prior to redeeming your cash prize. Generally, a player from Florida or New York, for instance, can claim a maximum amount of $5000 per spin. A huge amount of winnings can be received via check and will be sent via mail. Turnaround time for redemption requests is normally about 10 business days.

What are the quick hit slots free coins online games?

Quick hit slots free coins are freebie links that allow you to collect bonus free coins in one platform. Ease your way into searching for every slot game online without a sweat. Quick hit slots free coins give players access to these freebie links that provide redemption of bonuses, without needing to register or complete any task.


The criteria for choosing the top 6 best sweepstakes casinos with no deposit bonus is based on the positive reviews, popularity, and good experience from existing and new players of the games online. Sweeps coins casinos, just like fortune coins are virtual currencies that can be claimed for real money. Generally, 1 sweep coin value is equivalent to one dollar.


What are Sweeps Cash Casinos and How to use them when playing?

What are the sweeps cash casinos and how to use the sweeps coins in playing?


Have you ever wondered if winners of sweeps cash casinos redeem real money? Or are the players using real cash to deposit before they can even play the games? If you’re a new player in these online sweepstake casinos, you better understand that players use a virtual currency used in these games better known as ‘sweeps coins.’

What are sweeps cash casinos?


Sweeps cash casinos are virtual online sweepstakes casino-style games that let you play without needing to deposit or bet using real money. If you would like to learn more about how it works or how to use it in the game play, continue reading.

How do the sweeps coins work?

Sweeps coins are used to play the sweepstake casino-style games online. Depositing money straight to your favorite game does not allow you to purchase sweep coins automatically that way.


When you are playing your favorite online sweepstake game, you should know that you have the option to use sweeps coins or gold coins. Sweeps coins are purchased by players who intend to play to win real money, while players buy gold coins for the sake of enjoying the entertaining array of games and the social experience it entails by playing with friends or new acquaintances. Gold coins do not have monetary value but still, players use them to focus on the social interaction aspect of the game and the recreational games that can be accessed but, you cannot cash out real money with the gold coins.


Once you’re happy with the amount of sweeps coins you have earned from winning the games and as long as you have reached the minimum amount for withdrawal, then you can redeem those sweeps coins for real cash.

How to use sweeps coins when playing?

You can use sweeps coins for playing games of slots, poker, table games, and any game that allows you access. In general, the exchange rate is one dollar equivalent to one sweeps coin. For example, some games require a $10 or $20 minimum before you can withdraw or cash out. Read the rules of the game and familiarize yourself with the exchange rate.


Obtain sweeps coins through a daily bonus when you log in every day to your fantastic game. When you participate in the contests of your online sweepstakes casino game, you get the chance to win sweeps as a giveaway. Also, buying gold coins allow you to redeem a bonus of FREE sweeps coins. Other ways to get more sweeps coins are: availing a promo from the email sent to you by the game company or requesting the sweeps themselves by sending an email to customer service.

What online sweepstake sweeps casino uses sweeps cash?

1.    Chumba Sweeps Casino – This online sweeps game uses sweeps cash and they offer slots, table, and jackpot games.

2.    Luckyland – It is a social sweeps casino game that offers a lot of fun, exclusive slot games.

3.    BetRivers Casino4fun – You can win more sweeps coins by joining the players of this game, BetRivers.

4.    Gambino Slots – Claim sweeps coins and exchange them for real cash prizes by playing these fun-filled Gambino slots. There is no dull time but only, a happy time while playing this game on your mobile phone.

5.    Fortune Coins – is a sweepstake online casino game that allows access to games including table games, fish games, slots, and the like.

Can you deposit or withdraw sweeps cash casino winnings?

YES, sweeps coins can be withdrawn for real money. You cannot directly deposit money on the platform you are using though, but you can earn the sweeps coins and exchange them for real cash once it has reached the minimum amount allowed to be withdrawn. Deposits and cash out should be easy otherwise, you can seek assistance from customer support on their website, via live chat, or send an email for your inquiry.

How do you claim your real cash winnings?

Cash redemption has a process that should be followed by the game committee and the players themselves. These game companies should be compliant with the regulatory norms and rules of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This also ensures that playing with online sweepstakes casinos is legal in 50 states of the US and that your private information is protected by law.


The best online sweepstakes casino should be able to payout in no less than 5 business days. The process should be: after the player requested for withdrawal of real cash winnings, you might be asked to upload a document that verifies your proof of identity and residence. Then, after successful verification, the player should be able to receive the amount of real cash withdrawn in the following days. Payout or cash out by the gaming website should direct you to redeem your cash either via VISA debit or credit card, PayPal, Skrill or Neteller, or bank transfer; it will depend on the payment option used by the website.

Where can I play and download these online sweepstakes casinos?

Choose the best and play the variety of sweepstake casinos online via the game’s website or web browser, and download the application to your desktop computer or laptop, tablet or phone via the Apple store or Google Play store if you are an iOs or Android user.


Online sweepstakes casinos are just exciting and thrilling to play that you forget about the worries of life and just enjoy passing the time with the wonderful screen time, graphics, and sounds. It’s as if you’re playing the real casino games in Las Vegas but what you will like most about playing these games is that anywhere you are: in the mall or restroom, or while waiting for someone, it is fun to be able to play these games virtually. Using sweeps coins to play the games is cool because the more you play the game, the higher the chance of winning more sweeps coins which can be cashed out for real money. Although sweeps coins are real money, use them wisely but not extravagantly.


Top 10 Sweepstakes Casino in US

Top 10 Sweepstakes Casino in US. It is true that finding the perfect social casino site is quite difficult because there are several options to choose from. Aside from that, scams and fake sites are everywhere that could violate our privacy or cost us great fortune. Before you sign up for any online casino games, you should verify first its legitimacy. 


To guide you with that, here is a review of the Top 10 Sweepstakes Casino in the US worth considering.

Luckyland Slot Casino

The first on our list is the Luckyland Slots because it has the highest Return to Player rate (97.45%). This site has a colorful platform with an extensive variety of games such as casino slots, jackpots, tournaments, and other instant mobile games. Every new player receives 7,777 gold coins plus free 10 sweeps coins! Moreover, you can get 50,000 gold coins for only $4.99 on your first purchase and will be rewarded with 10 sweep coins. 

Pulsz Casino

Another popular sweepstakes casino that offers a 200% bonus on your first purchase is the Pulsz Casino. It offers over 250 games, mostly slot games like Megaways and some blackjack, roulette, baccarat and spin games too. This gaming site awards 5,000 free gold coins to newly signed up users. They sell 16,000+ gold coins for only $9.99 and as you purchase, you will earn 15 free sweepstakes coins. 

BetRivers.Net Casino

The BetRivers.Net Casino is one of the newest sweepstakes casino in the US that has been launched and its popularity increases greatly. In fact, it is the second legalized online casino that has the highest RTP which is 97%+ based on the 2022 data. BetRivers is a social casino where you can play slots games for free which gives you the credit to practice your ins and outs on casino games. 


Most of the free slots they offer include: Divine Fortune, Dynamite, Double Jackpot, and Fortune Stacks. BetRivers is highly convenient to use since it can be downloaded as an app to your iOS or Android mobile phones/tablets. 

Fortune Coins Casino

Another newly launched online casino is the Fortune Coins Casino. This site offers a wide range of impressive games including slots, fish games, keno, card games and other jackpots. Beginners will receive 500 gold coins and $5 sweeps coins with no purchase necessary. 


The free bonus will allow new players to explore the amazing games the Fortune Coins offer. The famous Wheel of Fortune is also available at the casino. 

Chumba Casino

The Chumba Casino is one of the most popular sweepstakes casinos in the US. It has one of the greatest welcome offers because they give out 2 million gold coins and 2 sweep coins to first-time joiners for free. 


Moreover, the site is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and all 80 casino-style games are free to play. The games available at Chumba are mostly online slots, table games, and jackpots. To upgrade your playtime and earn cash prizes, you just need to purchase more gold coins. The Chumba Casino doesn’t come in a mobile app however, the website is mobile-friendly and easy-to-use in any type of browsers or devices. 

High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino is a legal online gambling website in all 50 states of the United States since it is a social casino. It has a welcome offer of 1 million coins for first-time users. You can earn free virtual currency as well every four hours you log in to the website. 


The games available at High 5 Casinos are mainly slots including: Goldstruck, Russian Wolf, Triple Monkey, Wellspring etc. This gaming site has over 18 million players worldwide and 300 free slots to play at.

Funzpoints Casino

It is definitely exciting to play at Funz Points Casino because every three hours there is a free Funzwheel spin and a daily sweepstakes jackpot draw to win more prizes! Even though it wasn’t built as an app, the Funz Points are easily accessible and convenient to use in any type of mobile phone. 


The welcome offers of Funz Points for the first timers are 1,000 Standard Funzpoints with $2.50 free Premium Funzpoints. This gaming site is available for US players where they can access over 200 unrestricted games. 

MyChoice Casino

Next on the list is the MyChoice Casino. This site is known for rewarding the best bonuses among all the other sweepstakes casinos. By earning enough credits, you can get tickets to famous restaurants, five-star hotels, or even VIP tickets to games and trips. 


The MyChoice Casino is associated with over 30 other sweepstakes owned by Penn NAtional Gaming. Thus, this site offers over 300 real casino games with unique bonuses. You can access it by downloading the app to your mobile phones or tablets.

Global Poker

What’s great about Global Poker is it is specifically designed for those who enjoy classic online poker. Plus, the site is browser-friendly and convenient to use in platforms like iPhones, Android phones, or tablets. Global Poker is also one of the sweepstakes casinos in the US that has a high percentage of RTP, 96.10% to be exact. 


You can enjoy some of the traditional table games too like the Classic Blackjack, Premium Blackjack, and Caribbean Poker. 

Gambino Slots Casino

Gambino Slots Casino is a well-known website that has over 100 games full of bonuses and rewards! Their welcome reward is 100,000 Gold Coins with 200 free spins with no deposit fee. 


Although Gambino is not solely intended for desktop use, it is highly functional on mobile phones. You can play your classic favorite slot games like Luxury Living, Grand Eagle, Jackpot City, and Aztec Fortunes anywhere and anytime. 


Moreover, you can connect your social accounts to your Gambino account for an extensive social experience and to access giveaways, news, and rewards!