How to Win Sweeps Cash Casinos Online

How to Win Sweeps Cash Casinos Online. Some people like to take risks. A few of them find online gambling entertaining and a way to earn some money. That’s why online gambling sites continue to grow over the years. In fact, the global market size of online gambling was 59 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. 


As the online gambling community grows, online sweepstakes casinos have also emerged. Unlike traditional online casinos, sweepstakes casinos are not considered a form of gambling. In traditional online casinos, a player uses real money to play games or make a bet. Meanwhile, sweepstakes casinos use virtual coins or tokens instead of real money. 


Typically, a player can get virtual coins or tokens as a no-deposit bonus after registration. Moreover, he can also buy some coins using money or cryptocurrency. After winning some games, a player can exchange the coins for real money.  


Sweeps cash casinos have become popular. It is easy to access and has a lot of fun games. If you are here to learn how to win sweeps cash casinos online, you are in the right place. We will share with you some tips you can follow. 


Tip #1: Maximize the No-Deposit Bonus


As mentioned earlier, most sweepstakes casinos online offer a no-deposit bonus after registration. Usually, they give out 10-30 free sweepstakes coins. The bonus can serve as your initial investment without actually buying coins. 


Some players maximize their no-deposit bonus by playing the casino games they are good at. Also, others don’t waste all of their bonus coins in a single shot. Once they win some coins, they will tend to take higher risks. 


Tip #2: Practice Free Demo Version of the Games


Most sweeps cash casinos online have a free demo version of their popular games. Before spending your sweepstakes coins, you need to practice, especially if it is your first time playing. Playing casino games is not all about luck. More often than not, you need the skill too. 


Aside from learning the game mechanics, come up with some strategies while playing the demo version  For instance, in the widely popular fish table sweepstakes, try to catch the fish near your shooter. 


Tip #3: Play the Game With a High Chance of Winning


In selecting sweepstakes casino games, the first thing you should consider is the return-to-player (RTP) percentage of the game. A high RTP percentage means you can easily recover your initial investment. In sweepstakes slots, an RTP percentage of 92-96% can generate a higher chance of winning. 


Aside from considering the RTP percentage, you should also consider your luck and skill based on the game. In card games, you should be able to read others’ strategies and bluffs. Meanwhile, fish table games require you to strategize about your targets. So, it is best to play the games you are knowledgeable and skillful enough to get a higher chance of winning.  


For guidance, here are some of the top sweepstakes games that are popular with online sweepstakes gamblers: 

  • Fish Catch – a fish table game that captures fishes in exchange for coin rewards
  • Wolf Reels – an online slot game
  • Fireball Keno – an online casino game patterned to bingo 
  • Jacks or Better –  an online poker game


Before playing sweepstakes casino games, study the guidelines and learn the in-game bonuses or rewards to win more coins. 

Tip #4: Know When to Stop


Playing sweeps cash casino games are not entirely free. No-deposit bonus and other in-game promos can only earn some coins. Most of the time, you need to buy virtual coins or tokens to play and win more coins. But since you are spending your own money, playing sweepstakes casinos online is a risk you should not take lightly. 


Gambling can be addictive, but you should learn when to quit. When the odds are not exactly in your favor, maybe it is time to stop. If it is not your day and you have earned some coins, it is better to cash them out early than lose them all. 


Most sweepstakes casinos allow buying of coins and cash-out options using bank transfer or cryptocurrency. However, there is a minimum and maximum amount you can use to buy coins or cash out. 




Sweeps cash casinos online are different from the usual online casinos since the former uses virtual coins and the latter uses real money deposits to play casino games. But sweepstakes casino games require players to buy these virtual coins. 


Sweepstakes casino games are widely available on the internet and mobile applications. That said, we could expect that sweepstakes casino players will continue to grow. 


May it be in real casinos or online, gambling needs a calculated risk. With the tips shared in this article, we hope that we have contributed to your wish of winning in sweeps cash casinos online. But as cliché as it may sound, don’t forget to gamble responsibly.