Wimbledon is widely regarded as the premier tennis competition. Beginning in 1877, it’s the oldest tennis tournament and attracts the best players in the world to compete. It’s an outdoor event, using a retractable roof to stave off the regular rain in England. 

With the domination of the women’s game subsiding since Serena Williams retired and Nadal and Djokovic winding down their careers in the men’s game, it’s a much more wide-open sport for predictions. 

We’ve taken a close look at the best bets for Wimbledon, which are all available online at Sportzino Sportsbook, and the tournament’s history to help you make the right choice. Using a social platform like Sportzino offers the chance to play for free, increasing your fun.

Wimbledon Men’s Tournament History

Wimbledon has seen some of the best players become champion, and we’ve created a table showing the last ten winners. This can help you gain insight into the likely winner. 

Year Winner Runner Up
2013 Andy Murray (1/2) Novak Djokovic
2014 Novak Djokovic (2/7) Roger Federer
2015 Novak Djokovic (3/7) Roger Federer
2016 Andy Murray (2/2) Milos Raonic
2017 Roger Federer (8/8) Marin Čilić
2018 Novak Djokovic (4/7) Kevin Anderson
2019 Novak Djokovic (5/7) Roger Federer
2020 No competition
2021 Novak Djokovic (6/7) Matteo Berrettini
2022 Novak Djokovic (7/7) Nick Kyrgios
2023 Carlos Alcaraz (1/1) Novak Djokovic

As the table shows, Djokovic has been dominant since 2018. Although he didn’t win last year’s event, he’s a solid choice for outright winner this year.


Wimbledon Best Bets: Men’s Tournament

The men’s event is one of the most challenging events to predict. With big players either retiring or losing some of their edge, no one dominates events like in the past. Fortunately, we’ve collated men’s Wimbledon betting tips to remove some difficulty. 

It’s critical to understand how time can change each bet choice. If there’s an injury, it will completely change the best Wimbledon bets today, so consider it when using our Wimbledon bet tips. 

Best Men’s Tennis Betting Tip for Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic

It’s easy to underestimate Djokovic because he is past his peak, but even the top Wimbledon betting sites have him down as one of the favorites. In the last five Wimbledon events, he has won four and made it to the final of the other one, making him a strong contender. He also has the potential to go level with Roger Federer for the most Wimbledon titles. 

Djokovic isn’t unbeatable, but you’d be a fool to bet against him when he steps foot on the court at Wimbledon. The relatively high odds for such an exceptional player make him an excellent line. 

Outside Betting Tips for Wimbledon

If you want an outside choice, the best bets at Wimbledon sit with two players in the men’s game. Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev are our two outside picks. While Carlos Alcaraz is a solid alternative to Djokovic, it’s wrong to categorize him in outside Wimbledon bet tips as he won the event last year. 

Medvedev is number 5 in the rankings, making him a dangerous player. His 2023 performance took him to the semifinals, and he’ll be looking to take it a few steps further in 2024. 

Zverev has made it to the fourth round twice and will be hoping 2024 is his year to shine. Currently sitting as the number 4 player in the world, Zverev has a chance to make Wimbledon his first major title. 

Wimbledon Women’s Tournament History

The women’s tournament has just as much prestige as the men’s, with some all-time greats walking away as the champion in the last decade. 

Year Winner Runner-Up
2013 Marion Bartoli Sabine Lisicki
2014 Petra Kvitová (2) Eugenie Bouchard
2015 Serena Williams (6) Garbiñe Muguruza
2016 Serena Williams (7) Angelique Kerber
2017 Garbiñe Muguruza Venus Williams
2018 Angelique Kerber Serena Williams
2019 Simona Halep Serena Williams
2020 No competition
2021 Ashleigh Barty Karolína Plíšková
2022 Elena Rybakina Ons Jabeur
2023 Markéta Vondroušová Ons Jabeur

Unlike the men’s tournament, there hasn’t been a dominant player in the women’s event for a long time. Even Serena Williams didn’t dominate to the level of Djokovic.

Wimbledon Best Bets: Women’s Tournament

The women’s tournament is much harder to predict than the men’s. There isn’t a player of similar stature to Novak Djokovic who is still active, so the field is far broader. However, one player has the best chance of walking away with the trophy this year. 

Best Wimbledon Bets: Iga Swiatek

Top of the pile for Wimbledon women’s betting tips is Iga Swiatek. She’s a four-time French Open winner, a one-time US Open winner, and the world number 1. Although she’s only made the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, she’s still in pole position to become champion in 2024. While her grass game is below the levels of other surfaces, it’s still above a 70% win ratio, giving her an excellent chance. 

Women’s Wimbledon Betting Tips: Dark Horses

Any other competitor is a dark horse when it comes to the women’s event. While Swiatek doesn’t dominate like Serena Williams, she’s still comfortably the best player in the world. However, there are plenty of players who are capable of winning the event. 

Our two dark horse selections are Elena Rybakina and Emma Raducanu. Although Aryna Sabalenka has a great chance, these two are the best outside betting tips for Wimbledon for the following reasons. 

Rynakina is ahead of Sabalenka purely because she’s previously won the tournament. Her experience taking home the title, compared to Sabalenka’s two semi-final appearances, increases the likelihood of her winning. 

Regarding Raducanu, we are basing our hunch on her being the homegrown hero. She’ll have the support of the crowd, which can often help drive players to achieve more than they’re typically capable of. 

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Wimbledon Betting Tips

If you don’t want to use our Wimbledon tips for betting on direct picks, we’ve added some strategies to help you make your own predictions. Stick with us to improve your skills and help you decide which of our Wimbledon tennis betting tips best suits you. 

Check which Surfaces Players are Best on

Every surface plays differently. The ball bounces higher on clay than grass, and many other changes need to be considered. As a result, players won’t always be able to apply their best game to every surface. Make sure you research where players perform at their best before you make your picks. 

Research Player Form

Form is often a concept that regular people struggle to comprehend. For example, in theory, Rafa Nadal should be able to beat most other players in the world. However, if he’s struggling to win games, it’s possible a lower-ranked player can beat him without too much trouble. Player form is what causes this anomaly. It can be anything from a lingering injury to struggling with mental health issues. So, check on the player form before you create your tennis and Wimbledon betting tips. 

Check Who’s Playing at Home

In team sports, playing at home and on the road can greatly affect results. However, this is not as common in single-player sports like tennis. Nevertheless, it’s a mistake to ignore this factor. For example, Tim Henman regularly performed better when playing at Wimbledon compared to his standard performances. Although he never won the tournament, some of his best tennis was showcased at Wimbledon. 

Crossreference the Latest Payouts 

Whether you’re playing at a social sportsbook or on the floor in Vegas, the latest odds will give you an idea of who’s likely to win. You shouldn’t use it to decide on your pick definitively, but it’s an excellent starting point to boost your chances of success. You can also use them as previews before the event begins, giving you a solid foundation to collate your selections. 

Create Parlays if You’re Confident

If you believe your selection will be correct, you can boost the potential payout with a parlay. It’s critical to understand this will double the risk, as both selections must be accurate to offer a return, but it also makes the payout much larger. If you’re confident in your research, this is an option, particularly if your choices have low odds. 

Use In-Play Betting

Live predictions are a fantastic way to enhance your Wimbledon experience. With the opportunity to watch games live and use your critical eye to judge the flow of a match, you can find good value with in-play picks. If you combine it with research, for example, players who often play best late in a game, you can add some fantastic choices to your slip. 

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