The NHL is a globally popular sport, regularly bringing in millions of TV viewers. However, the live spectacle is part of its appeal, and 22,873,042 people attended NHL games in 2023-24. That puts it third on the list of highest total attendances, only behind MLB and Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball League. 

With such large crowds, NHL teams look to maximize their revenue. As a result, ticket prices have become quite high, although it’s not solely focused on the NHL, as almost all sports have high barriers to entry. Keep reading as we take a deep dive into what you should expect to pay and why hockey tickets are so expensive. 

Most Expensive NHL Tickets 2024

In the 2023/24 season, multiple teams are going above the $300 mark for individual games. The top five average ticket prices in 2024 are as follows:

  • Seattle Kraken – $390
  • Vegas Golden Knights – $367
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – $338
  • New York Rangers – $334
  • Boston Bruins – $302

It can be expensive to watch any of these NHL teams live. However, if the high price is an issue, you can follow along live at the Sportzino Sportsbook. It’s a simple way to add extra enjoyment to the event without emptying your bank account on tickets. 

Cheapest vs the Most Expensive Tickets in the NHL

One of the most upsetting contrasts is the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive tickets on the market. While purchasing secondary tickets adds on a premium, it’s often the only way to get your hands on any tickets. As a result, the more popular games will cost significantly more than the less desirable ones. 

An anomaly is the Seattle Kraken, which finished sixth in the Pacific Division but has the most expensive tickets, priced at $390. However, the Ottowa Senators, who finished seventh in their division, only charge $103 on average. 

The difference between the two teams is extensive, and it shows how the NHL is often the driving force behind ticket prices. Many people will go to games regardless of their team’s performance, Whether out of loyalty as supporters or to just enjoy the game, the price isn’t an issue. 

However, over the years, the cost of tickets has increased exponentially. The secondary market is more prevalent now, which plays a part in this trend. For example, the 1994 New York Rangers playoff games had face-value tickets for $24. The same tickets would cost over $600 today, well above the inflation rate.

Most Expensive NHL Tickets by Team: Average

The primary market provides instant data on how much each team charges its fans on average. However, it’s not always available during the current season, so last year’s data offers the most accurate information for primary tickets. We’ve worked out the average ticket price for each team to break down which teams cost the most and least to watch last season. 

What’s critical about these prices is that they consider seasonal tickets. So, the average, not including season tickets, will be much higher than these prices. As a result, you must consider this when purchasing a single ticket, mainly when using the secondary market, as this adds an extra premium. It provides a simple breakdown of which NHL team has the most expensive tickets.

Team Average Ticket Price 2022/23
Vegas Golden Knights $154.71
Toronto Maple Leafs $152.03
New York Rangers $150.17
Edmonton Oilers $135.98
Arizona Coyotes $127.25
Seattle Kraken $123.90
LA Kings $122.90
Boston Bruins $119.75
Washington Capitals $111.62
Montreal Canadiens $109.93
Pittsburgh Penguins $94.46
Detroit Red Wings $93.32
Chicago Blackhawks $92.25
Tampa Bay Lightning $91.66
Philadelphia Flyers $87.13
New York Islanders $86.01
San Jose Sharks $85.91
Nashville Predators $85.70
New Jersey Devils $85.35
Winnipeg Jets $84.45
Calgary Flames $81.50
Minnesota Wild  $80.05
Dallas Stars $79.47
Colorado Avalanche $79.05
St Louis Blues $71.52
Carolina Hurricanes $63.76
Anaheim Ducks $63.61
Buffalo Sabres $57.97
Florida Panthers $56.49
Columbus Blue Jackets $56.42
Ottawa Senators $50.94

Most Expensive NHL Tickets: Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights had the most expensive tickets in the NHL for the 2022/23 season. However, there are mitigating circumstances for this. Because the Knights won the Stanley Cup in 2023, they had more high-profile games than their competitors, leading to an artificially increased average ticket price. 

With the Golden Knights only $2.68 and $4.54 above the Maple Leafs and Rangers, respectively, it’s likely they would fall to third position, or perhaps even lower, without their playoff performance. Although not at the bottom of the cost list, they wouldn’t have been the most expensive. 

The excellent performance last year has impacted this season’s prices. The Knights have the second most expensive secondary market tickets, only $23 behind the Seattle Kraken. This is a 47% increase from last season, which puts them in the top five for the most substantial percentage price rises. 

Second Most Expensive NHL Tickets 2023: Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs sit second on the list for the most expensive tickets in the NHL. However, the Leafs only made it to the second round in the playoffs, so they didn’t make it to the later rounds with significant price increases. As a result, it stands to reason that their regular season prices are higher than the Golden Knights regular season tickets. 

What makes the Maple Leaf tickets so surprising is that they’re not in the top five for a percentage increase on the secondary market. So, it stands to reason that the Leafs likely led the secondary market in the 2021/22 season. With this in mind, if the Leafs ever see significant success in the playoffs, they’re likely to take the opportunity to increase their prices.

Least Expensive NHL Tickets: Ottawa Senators

With an average price of $50.94, the Senators have the cheapest tickets on the primary market. Their tickets are available for a third of the cost of Vegas Golden Knights tickets on average, making them the most affordable team in the league. Although they’re a relatively unsuccessful team, their pricing strategy shows that not every team in the league purely focuses on making as much money from supporters as possible.

The Senators’ ticket prices give them the second-lowest ticketing revenue in the league. Only the Arizona Coyotes have a lower revenue, and that’s due to their 4,600-seater stadium limiting their possible income. 

The Ottowa Senators follow this up with the lowest ticket price on the secondary market. What’s so impressive about their secondary charges is that prices have decreased by 41%. It shows that teams don’t need to increase their ticket prices continually, making the race to have the most expensive tickets in the NHL based on maximizing profits first and foremost. It’s possible if the Senators became successful, they would have the most expensive NHL playoff tickets, but their current strategy suggests the opposite.

Most Expensive NHL Season Tickets

Season tickets can be the cheapest way to watch the NHL. However, the upper tier of tickets is the opposite. For instance, for the New York Rangers, an entry-level season ticket is priced at $5,500, but a top-tier ticket is $20,000. 

As a result, it’s challenging to determine the NHL team with the most expensive tickets, notably as each team offers half and quarter-season ticket options. We’ve used the FCI index to calculate estimates for the highest season tickets, bearing in mind that this doesn’t consider the most expensive NHL playoff tickets as they are separate purchases. 

  • Toronto Maple Leafs – $6,000
  • Seattle Kraken – $5,750
  • Vegas Golden Knights – $5,600
  • New York Rangers – $5,500
  • Chicago Blackhawks – $5,250

The Future of NHL Ticket Prices

It’s challenging to see ticket prices dropping, especially on the primary market. However, the popularity of games will see bargains being available on the secondary market. You can find affordable tickets here if you don’t care about which game you go to see. Despite this, teams are behaving more fairly with season tickets. The New York Rangers announced a freeze on their season tickets, offering benefits to supporters who pay for their tickets in advance. However, there’s been no announcement on standard ticket prices, so there could be another increase next season, especially if the Rangers win the Stanley Cup.

You can find good-value tickets if you enjoy watching hockey with no affiliation to a particular team. However, if you’re a Kraken die-hard, be prepared to pay more than anyone else.


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