How to Win Playing Online Sweepstakes Casino

How to Win Playing Online Sweepstakes Casino Let’s be honest. Taking your chances in card games, table games, and slot machines can be addicting. Once you win, it feels like you have fought against all odds. But when you lose, you have this drive to recover all of your losses. 


Today, you can even enjoy the popular casino games online. Many online casino games are available on the internet and as mobile applications. However, countries with strict restrictions on gambling do not allow online casinos. But luckily, online sweepstakes casinos have become the alternative to help win some money online. 

Online Casino vs. Online Sweepstakes Casino 


There is no major difference between online casinos and online sweepstakes casinos. Both offer casino games online, and players can exchange winnings for real money. Money deposit and withdrawal options are also similar – usually through bank transfer, e-Wallet, third-party transfer services, and cryptocurrency. 


However, online casinos require players to deposit money that serves as the wager in playing the games. On the other hand, online sweepstakes casinos use the money to buy coins used for playing casino games. So, technically, online sweepstakes casinos do not use real money in playing casino games as it is exchanged first as in-game coins.


Strategies in Playing Online Sweepstakes Casino 


As mentioned earlier, online sweepstakes casino games are almost similar to online casino games. So if you are here to learn some strategies to win online sweepstakes casino games, here are some tips you can follow: 

  • Focus on One Sweepstakes Slot 


In playing sweepstakes slots, using only one sweepstakes slot gets a higher chance of winning the jackpot. Spending your coins in one sweepstakes slot can result in slower spending of coins but reduces the level of fun. However, this does not always guarantee a win, so it is best not to lose your coins all at once. 



  • Alternate the Amount of Coins to Use in the Sweepstakes Slot


 At the start, you can use a few coins in the sweepstakes slot, then increase gradually up to the maximum. Then, gradually decrease the amount up to the minimum. This strategy leads to winning on the largest bets. Moreover, when you use fewer coins, it may lead you to play longer since you are not losing your coins all at once. 


Even though winning is not guaranteed in playing sweepstakes slot, this strategy takes a risk in winning the game with a larger bet. 



  • Martingale Strategy


Martingale strategy is a common strategy in betting. It says that you should double the amount of your bet when losing and reduce the bet to half when winning. It promotes your chance to balance gains and losses, which can make you play longer. Moreover, it reduces the chance of suffering from extreme losses. 


Most online sweepstakes casino players take into account this strategy to win some coins gradually and not lose coins suddenly. 

  • Anti-Martingale Strategy


Opposite to the martingale strategy, the anti-martingale states that you should double the amount of your bet when winning and reduce the bet to half when losing. It also balances your gains and losses, but it relies on winning or losing streak conditions.  


In playing casino games, doubling the coins to bet after winning and reducing it to half after losing is a logical strategy. Using this strategy means you will not lose big when you are on a losing streak. 

  1. Maximize Bonuses and Freebies


Most online sweepstakes casinos offer bonuses and freebies. In particular, they are generous after you sign up for their online casino. After registration, you can get free coins that you can use to play some games. Depending on your skills or luck, you can even win more coins without spending money. 


Aside from the bonus, each sweepstakes game may offer some freebies. So, make sure to study and check them to not miss the opportunity. 



  • Play Responsibly


Buying coins to play sweepstakes casino games is inevitable. Bonuses and freebies may only generate a little reward. So, before playing, it is vital to set a maximum amount of money you can deposit to buy coins. Stick to your budget and do not go overboard. Online sweepstakes can be fun, but it can also be frustrating when you incur significant losses. So, always play and gamble responsibly. 




Online sweepstakes casinos are different from online casinos since online casinos use money to take chances. Meanwhile, online sweepstakes casinos use money to buy coins and play online sweepstakes casino games. 


There are a lot of available sweepstakes casino games online – video poker, sweepstakes slots, and fish table games to name a few. If you want to play sweepstakes casino games, you can follow the strategies presented in this article guide. But always remember that some strategies may work or not work for you. It is best to trust your instinct and luck. Hopefully, you can win big prizes.