What Defines a Traditional Slot Machine & Old Vegas Slots

While most (if not all) modern-day slot machines have digital components, true old Vegas slots are completely analog and have physical moving parts to show the results of each spin instead. When slot machines first came onto the scene, they didn’t have a single digital component.

These vintage-type slots are usually operated by a lever pull or a button press. Modern-day slot machines typically use a combination of a touch screen and buttons to initiate each spin and alter betting amounts.

While newer slot machines have a screen that plays simply an animation showing the results of each spin, old slots have each row of symbols as physical components (reels) that spin and stop to show the results.


The currency is another aspect of old Vegas slot machines that differs from modern ones. Modern-day digital slot machines usually use virtual currency taken via a loaded card and issue payouts via a ticket voucher that can be exchanged for actual cash.

Meanwhile, old Vegas slots operate via physical coins (both tokens and real coins) in both play fees and payout. Coin slots in Vegas are becoming less and less common. While virtual currency and ticket vouchers make the slot experience much easier, cleaner, and faster, many longtime slot fans miss the nostalgic sound of coins piling for a well-earned jackpot.


Another big difference between old Vegas slot machines and modern-day ones is the paylines. In the world of slots, a payline (sometimes called betting lines or winning lines) is the various ways the slot machine’s symbols can line up to result in a winning spin.

Paylines in modern-day slot machines are plentiful as they can run as straight, diagonal, or even as zig-zag lines. Older slot machines usually have fewer paylines (often just one) as they are typically designed in a much more simple fashion. Meanwhile, newer slot machines can get rather complicated very easily, as many have multiple paylines to keep track of. The more paylines that are available, the higher the cost for each spin. However, higher costs for each spin can also mean a higher payout. 

Old fashioned slots


Denominations in slots refer to the amount of money or credits spent on each available payline. The overall bet of each pull/play is the chosen denomination multiplied by the available paylines. 

Old time slots are rather simple, as most of them have a single payline. This makes the math to calculate the overall amount needed per spin much easier, making it a very appealing option for newcomers.

Here is a simple breakdown of common slot machine denominations and their risk levels:

Name of Slot Machine Denomination Level Of Stakes Denomination


Common Denomination


Penny Slot Machine Denomination Low Stakes $0.01 $0.01, $0.02, $0.03
Decimal Slot Machine Denomination Medium Stakes $0.05 $0.05, $0.10, $0.25
Dollar Slot Machine Denominations High Stakes $1.00 $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100

Most Popular Old Fashion Style Slot

Classic Casino Slot Games

There are a few types of old-fashioned slots that are popular in real-life casinos and online ones that imitate the classic slot machine rules. Some of the most popular styles of old-fashioned slots feature penny slots, nickel slots, Vegas slots, fruit slots, progressive slots, video slots, and 3D/VR slots.

There are hundreds of options for old Vegas slots that are free online for bettors who wish to experience old-fashioned slots from the comfort of their own homes. While the physical old Vegas slot machines are becoming increasingly rare, there are tons of great options for bettors to play old slot machine games online.

Facts About Old Fashioned Slot Machines in Vegas

The original machine, which was the precursor and inspiration for the modern-day slot machine, was created in 1891 in New York. This prototype was made as a poker-based gambling machine. However, due to all the different hands that could be drawn, payout was nearly impossible, as the simple machine needed to account for far too many winning combinations; thus, the first version of the modern-day slot machine was created.

The first true slot machine was invented in 1895 by car mechanic Charles Fey. It was mechanical and analog, much like old Vegas slot machines today. This machine featured three spinning reels and five symbols, one of which was a Liberty Bell. They were then dubbed “Liberty Bell Machines” and were first formally manufactured by Herbert Mills in 1907. After the subsequent development of the first video slot machine in 1976, they quickly gained popularity and became the casino staple they are today.

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What Casinos Offer Old Style Slot Machines In Vegas

While old-style slots are slowly becoming rarer to find in Vegas, a few casinos still maintain these vintage machines. Main Street Station Casino hosts a handful of both coin-operated and video-based slot machines, offering bettors a good variety. El Cortez Hotel & Casino also hosts various coin slot machines.

The D Casino & Hotel is another excellent option, as it has a special second floor for casino vintage slot machines. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino also maintains old Vegas slot machines that operate on dollar tokens or quarters. Lastly, Green Valley Ranch Casino also features various slot machines, including old-fashioned slots and a luxury high-limit slot room for those with a high bankroll.

List of Slot Machines In Vegas

Any bettors who wish to experience old Las Vegas slot machines but cannot find the coin variety can still enjoy a modern-day version of old-fashioned slots. Although they are not authentic vintage experiences, some modern-day slot machines follow the traditional rules and are simple three-reel slots or single payline, just like the classics.

There are many types of video slot machines in Vegas, with some of the most popular titles being Game King, Rakin Bacon, Meow Meow Madness, Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond, Dragon Cash, Buffalo Link, Red Silk, Frankinspin, and Buffalo Gold Revolution. These machines can be found in any of the Vegas strip casinos.

Aside from modern video slots, there is still a wide variety of authentic old Vegas slot machines. Magnificent 7, Triple Double, Five Star Machine, Haywire Deluxe, Triple Double Diamond, Triple Double Lucky 7s, Top Dollar, Pinball, and Sizzling 7s are great casino vintage slot machines operating with physical coins.

The Silver Strike is special as it allows players the chance to win unique collectible silver coins to take home or use as redeemable tokens instead of rewarding regular credits. It combines new and old as it is a slot machine with three physical moving reels instead of a digital screen, but it takes credits via a card.


Where Are The Las Vegas Casinos With Old Slot Machines?

Many of the Las Vegas casinos that still maintain vintage slot machines are located explicitly in Downtown Vegas. Downtown Vegas has many casinos to choose from and the amazing SlotZilla building is a must for any slot machine fanatic. SlotZilla is a giant slot machine attraction that visitors can zipline across for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Slot machine fans should visit the biggest slot machine to see the entire length of Fremont Street in style.

Are There Nickel Slots in Vegas?

In recent years, many bigger casinos (such as Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts, and Wynn Resorts) have phased out nickel slot machines. However, other casinos like El Cortez Hotel & Casino and Main Street Station Casino still maintain their selection of penny and nickel machines. Both of these casinos are also located in the Downtown Las Vegas area.

What is The Oldest Slot Machine in Las Vegas?

The oldest casino in Vegas is the Golden Gate Casino, which opened in 1906. Here, you can find authentic old-fashioned slot machines in Las Vegas. The Golden Gate Casino embraces its history and has a collection of vintage machines, including antique slot machines.

These beautiful machines have been restored for the public to see for themselves, and while they are for display only, they still remain a fantastic sight for slot machine fanatics to see up close. However, the Golden Gate Casino also offers classic-style slots and more modern ones available for play in their new casino expansion.

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